Twenty years ago, Chris Given walked precariously away from a burgeoning music career with the Yams from Outer Space, and hasn’t looked back. Since then he is a musical whore playing with such acts as Graffitti, Caucasians Playing Blues (CPB), Magnolia Blue and sometimes Glen Tilford of Squeeze.

He now has a burgeoning computer career but does at times has the ability to come out of retirement and “Rock the Muther F’ing House.” Resembling a short umpa lumpa with a goatee and a hair loss for men candidate, with the soul of old dead bluesman, and the funk which could only come from down below, when the temperature turns around 120° Fahrenheit, Chris knows how to ROCK. He often states, “why do I always get the wet spot on the bed”, which people completely understand and get it.

If there were two words to describe Chris it would be “happy curmudgeon.”

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