Yams are preheated and ready to COOK!


Mike Kirby from Yams From Outer SpaceWe need your help. See, this here band we know…called Yams From Outer Space (yeah, we know, doesn’t exactly roll right off the tongue) are playing TOMORROW, Saturday August 8rd in Blacksburg at Steppin’ Out, THEN straight to Champs for the late-night fro down.

Here’s where the favor comes in…we need you to:
1. Show up n shake yo rumpus maximus.
2. Share this note and get everyone you know to show up and shake their collective rumps.
3. Get drunk as a skunk & continue the rump-shakin’
4. Frolic like bunnies in the posies.
5. Rehydrate with copious amounts of beer.
6. See #1.
7. Repeat (while shaking rump).

I think I just soiled myself. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy.

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